Election reforms

NDP support legislation amendments but question the timeline

Re: “Civic election reforms welcome.” New Democrats welcome proposed changes that would see greater transparency in municipal elections by banning anonymous donations.

In fact, these are changes for which we have been advocating for many years.

The government first considered these measures in 2010, as recommended by a joint task force with the UBCM, but did so far too late, proposing to leave local governments with just six months to make the necessary changes before November elections.

Since then, the government has delayed for years, only to make the same mistake again, with the changes due to be introduced in spring 2014, six months before the local elections.

We are disappointed with both this long delay and the further delay of accompanying legislation limiting campaign spending, which should have been introduced alongside these new measures.

Municipalities will wait another three years to see these caps implemented, for a total delay of nearly seven years.

However, we applaud the positive first step these long overdue changes represent for municipal governments across B.C.

Selina Robinson,

New Democrat

local government critic