We don't need sports complexes and bicycle lanes, we need a municipal golf course for teens, children and seniors

Well, well, isn’t this the treat of the year.

A sports complex, who will use it? The elite?

How often are our soccer fields in use, our ball diamonds?

Oh yes, and our city streets with bicycle lanes?

In the three years the bicycle lanes have been on Middleton Way, I have seen five bicycles use them. Why are we ruining our roads?

Would you allow your children to ride on the bike paths on 25th Avenue, of course not. Or on 43rd Avenue, of course not. Or downtown, of course not.

Scrap the bike lanes. And no more silly roundabouts.

What the city does need is a municipal golf course, for children, teens and seniors. The present mayor and council neglected Lakers golf course when it went under a few years ago. It is now a pasture.

Jack Kitchen, Vernon