End the HST

HST nonsense

I can’t wait for this endless nonsense about the HST to end. I already voted yes to extinguish, to eradicate, to snuff out the HST. Is it the right thing to do financially speaking? Probably not, but I don’t care anymore.

All of those little stick people, fabricated in some expensive Frankensteinian ad lab, have made me mad as hell. Finally I get to stick it to our arrogant Liberal government. Take that Christy Clark. I am pouring water on your burning desire for redemption.

The current provincial government lost its credibility financially speaking when Gordon Campbell incorrectly said the HST would be revenue neutral. Since his overthrow, the Liberals have been stumbling around in panic-mode to cover their butts by promising rebates, rate changes and HST modifications while threatening a higher PST and a $1.6 billion federal payback.

Christy, the taxpayers of B.C. deserve better and as premier, you should know that.


Lloyd Atkins, Vernon