Enderby lights

For those that are not aware of it, the traffic light at Cliff Avenue and the highway in Enderby is scheduled to be moved this spring.

In all of their wisdom, the planners have decided that Hubert Avenue is a good place to have a light. Whoever decided this has obviously not even driven down Hubert.

First of all, on a street of marginal width, you have semis and other large trucks requiring a good chunk of the road to back into the loading dock at the IGA store several times a day – potential traffic jams just feet from the intersection.

Next, you have Williamson Automotive, Enderby Rentals, Gilbert Auto Parts, and Tony’s Tire all with parking that requires backing straight out into the road. These are potential fender-benders or worse. Not to forget that Case Furniture’s trucks require the intersection of Old Vernon Road and Hubert to back in to their warehouse several times a day – more potential traffic jams. Add to this, the parallel type parking on the rest of the road, and you definitely have a bottleneck on a narrow street.

Would Russell Street not be a more logical choice to direct traffic down?

Besides having none of the parking or loading dock issues Hubert does, it would seem to make sense to me to direct the traffic past our large city parking lot that can handle vehicles with trailers or motorhomes so that they can more conveniently stop, park, and easily access our stores on Russell and Cliff streets, instead of sending them so far away (Hubert Avenue) that they will never stop to spend money in our town. It’s kind of like a messed up bypass.

The downtown merchants should really be irate at this proposed change! And it makes no logical sense.

There was a reason that planners in the past put the parking lot, and walking access to Cliff Street where they did. Why not direct the traffic this way?

There has never, as far as I know, been a sensible explanation given for the choice of Hubert Avenue.

It’s not too late to change the plans before the work has actually been completed.

So, I think a little pressure is needed to whoever is making the decisions on this to do it in a way that makes some sense. Possibly starting with city council.


Greg Robinson