Enderby youth require action

Future of children's spray park in Barnes Park still undetermined

Necessary upgrades to Enderby’s outdoor pool have been completed and approved, and that’s great news for the 2013 swimming season.

However, the future of the children’s spray park in Barnes Park is still undetermined.

The popular feature was shut down earlier this year after the Interior Health Authority expressed concern that children could slip on the wet surface or fall off the water features. It was certainly an overreaction on the part of IHA as you can only minimize the risk of injury so much.

But IHA’s edict stands and that means the spray park will remain closed unless something is done.

With winter setting in and summer months away, now is the time for the City of Enderby and the Regional District of North Okanagan to not only consider their next steps, but to take action.

Consultation with the public, and particularly the parents of young children, should be initiated immediately to determine what kind of spray facility they want and the best location in Barnes Park. Perhaps there could also be discussion with older youth to see if some features could be added that they would use.

Now is also an ideal time to pursue the matter as municipalities are working on their 2013 budgets, as are senior levels of government and community groups that provide grants.

Based on the recent process in Lumby for a spray park, it’s extremely unlikely that a new Enderby facility could be ready in time for next summer.

However, if the ball doesn’t start rolling soon, how many summers will pass by?

And that would be a shame for  the children and negatively impact a community trying to attract young families to live there.