Enough is enough

Resident wants more controls placed on dogs by their owners

Every week I read letters for and against dogs in our parks and on our beaches.

Enough is enough.

People’s rights should far outweigh dogs. My children’s rights should have priority.

There is obviously fewer responsible dog owners, because the mess is everywhere. It’s on my sidewalks in East Hill, it’s in my city parks, its in my provincial parks, even in my yard.

Everywhere I choose to recreate with my young family, there it is.  On our neighborhood walks, on our hikes, and on our bike rides.

I am tired of hearing the words: “Don’t worry he’s friendly,” while dogs run off-leash and jump on my kids.

I don’t care if your dog is friendly, I don’t want him all over me or my family.

I am tired of dogs being on beaches that are clearly not dog beaches.

I am tired of seeing poop bags tossed on the side of trails, in trees, or stuck in fences.

Until all of you dog owners can pick up after your pets, the rules and signs need to be followed.

Keep them on-leash, pick up after them and stay in the designated pet areas.

It’s as simple as that.

Let my family enjoy our beautiful outdoors and maybe even spot some wildlife that haven’t been chased or scared away by your pets.

Lisa Fogel