Environmental woes

Resident concerned about the impact of the oil sector

The Athabasca River travels 725 miles before draining into the Peace, Athabasca Delta, near Lake Athabasca south of Fort Chipewyan.

The water flows north, joining the Peace River to form the Slave River, which empties into Great Slave Lake.

Fort McMurray has seen toxic oil spills in the past. An independent study of the river shows elevated levels of pollution downstream of the Athabasca oil sands. The volume of precious water wasted has amounts of mercury, lead and 11 other toxic elements poisoning all living matter.

The toxins discharge through the Mackenzie River system into the Arctic Ocean. This is totally mad just thinking about the future of the north, not forgetting the pipeline and coast areas.

What about the next generation to come with the destruction man is making?

Ray Dusseault