Facility needed

Re: the article in The Morning Star Feb. 9.

I am truly concerned with the overly aggressive tone of those opposed to the correctional centre proposed for Lumby.

I feel sad that the No supporters are berating some people verbally on the streets or merchants in their place of business.

Lumby council is elected to represent Lumby taxpayers not regional folks. Many who demonstrated in front of our village office reside in the region.

I am also concerned that much of the No arguments is to foster fear in the minds of Lumby residents.

How would the facility place residents in any more danger than we already are?

There are murders in many communities – luckily not ours. There are sexual assaults and family violence in every community, gang violence and drug dealers, car thieves and destruction of property around every corner. By all means, let’s have them on the streets rather than locking them up.

The correctional centre will pay its fair share to the community — gee we may get a real recreation complex with a covered pool, updated arena and a band shell in the park. Perhaps even an arts centre.

We may even be able to keep our schools open, because be assured, this double-echo boom won’t last and schools will close.

The mention of taxpayers’ property being devalued is also misleading. The folks working in the centre will more than likely be our folks and others that come will need housing. There will be a huge workforce and hiring will happen locally – in Lumby, the regional district, Lavington, Coldstream and Vernon.

I agree with Ms. Harneds’ comments that these folks are speaking out of fear, lack of knowledge, mistrust and being provided with skewed statistics that are from U.S. prisons – a totally different system than ours.

Let Lumby vote for the preservation of Lumby and not feel threatened by those that yell the loudest.

A reminder to Lumby citizens. We will all still be neighbours when this is over.


Elinor Turrill