Faith in youth

Letter writer recounts story of four youth helping a senior in distress

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who has asked the question, “What is wrong with young people these days?” Nor, am I the only one who is worried that the youth of today just doesn’t have the morals or good senses that are required to be a decent person in this society. I was starting to getting a bit worried.

Today, however, I witnessed an amazing act of good faith that brought a little tear to my eye. While running errands, I saw four young lads walking along Tronson Road directly behind my neighbour (a man in his senior years), who was having a lot of trouble with the tires on his motorized scooter.

It looked like it was hard for him to keep the scooter off the roadway (which is very busy with vehicle traffic on a weekend). My immediate thought was they were going to terrorize him and give him a rough time. After turning around and driving back, I was amazed at what I saw. Two of these boys were assisting my neighbour to walk back to his house while the other two carried the scooter. They got him and the scooter home safely and made sure he got into his house.

I thanked them very much for doing such a selfless thing and making sure he arrived safely. These fellows have renewed my faith in the fact that kids today can be honorable and well-meaning.

I apologize for initially thinking that they were up to no good. I hope these fellows read this and appreciate that those kind acts are what make us good people, and that we all have to watch out for each other in this world. Thanks again guys.

Stephanie Comer