Farmers market

Resident opposed to free use of facilities in Coldstream

Allow me to comment on Jennifer Smith’s article about the  Coldstream Farmers Market in the May 1 Morning Star.

Yet again, Anita Fletcher, market organizer, is trying to convince Coldstream they are a non-profit group and entitled to the use of Cenotaph Park and other facilities rent-free.

She says she has, “invested five years volunteer time” to “share the bounty with the extended farming community.”  I am given to understand Ms. Fletcher sells organic apples.  I put forward she pursued this market as a way to sell her own apples. Is she not trying to recoup her costs and make a profit on growing those apples?

She goes on to say they run as non-profit to benefit “the vendors.” Nor are they trying to hinder any other users of the facilities. Excuse me? Please look up the definition of vendor:  “To sell, one who sells things, especially on the street or from a stall.” No mention is made of giving product away.

Each and every one of those participating vendors is selling a product, be it fresh produce, cheeses, crafts, etc. in order to profit, i.e. make some money, from their labours.

As a Coldstream taxpayer, I feel the free use of the park or any other facility is unacceptable for a venture of this nature.


P.J. Sault