Federal budget

Residents express concerns about the federal financial plan

With respect to the new Liberal federal budget, how does Justin Trudeau expect to pay for his deficit financing?

To raise taxes would be political suicide. Infrastructure improvements are all well and good, but they do not lead to long-term wealth creation, which is primarily the purview of private enterprise.

Perhaps he will follow the example of his father and fire up the money-printing presses. That is a sure-fire recipe for inflation.

This is of even greater concern these days because the Bank of Canada has disposed of the last of our gold reserves, leaving us with a flat currency that soon will literally not be worth the paper it is printed on.

Canada could end up like Weimar Germany. It can happen here. Take a look at the situation in Venezuela.

What is particularly depressing is that this has happened before. It seems that each generation fails to learn from the mistakes of the previous one.

People are looking for hands out now but they will soon have put those hands deep into their pockets and pay and pay and pay.


Paul and Linda Florczyk