Feeling green

I feel disenchanted with politics. I can understand why only 58.8  per cent of the eligible voters turned out for the last election. What scares me is knowing the choice for MPs is being made by a little more than half the people.

Not only that, a letter by Michael Banfield April 13 stated the Green Party got 6.78 of the popular vote but no elected members. The Bloc on the other hand had 9.98 of the popular vote and had 49 MPs elected (www.sfu.ca). It appears to me that most of Canadians’ voices are not being heard.

I usually vote Green because the other parties are so entrenched. Rather than respecting each others good ideas, they seem to disregard them out of hand and as a result, Canadians suffer. The Green Party seems to have more of a sense of co-operation as well as a respect for the environment.

It occurred to me that if everyone who is undecided or the ones who didn’t get out and vote last time decided to vote Green, we would have a fresh new head of government. It would be interesting to see what happens.


Jill de la Salle