Fight for freedom

Resident concerned about the influence of the media

We are living in an age where our innocence and trust in authorities is eroding more by the day. Our media sources are governed by an elite few that largely control what we are exposed to. The news and information is not necessarily fact based but rather dictated by the agendas of this elite group.

Our governments are corporate/lobby-driven. Follow the money and insider deals and see why smart meters, the new recycling program, non-labelling of GMO foods, pro pipeline propaganda and a host of other issues infiltrates the news.

Currently, more than 1,500 newspapers,1,000 magazines, 9,000 radio stations, 1,500 TV stations, and 2,400 publishers are owned by six corporations that are united in their agendas to give us a version of reality that fits their goals. There are agendas of a global nature that are not in our best interests or serve our highest good. In order to create the world we really want, our innocence must now transform into discernment of agendas, the real story behind the information we are given.

To the degree we do not participate in being informed and actively participating in our society is the degree others will dictate to us and usurp our freedoms and rights. To the degree we allow suppression is the degree we will be suppressed. Our forefathers fought for our freedom.

It is now being usurped in more subtle ways so be aware, informed, and stand for true freedom for all.


Chris Madsen