Finding hope and help

Everyone is so focused on getting all those seemingly ‘important’ things done that they forget to appreciate the things that truly matter

It seems these days everyone is so hyper-focused on work/business and getting all those seemingly ‘important’ things done that they forget to appreciate the things that truly matter.

It all only comes into perspective when a loved one is battling a frightening disease (and only for those who allow themselves to come to that realization – anyone who has gone through it knows that everyone deals with it differently and some try to ignore the facts out of fear).

Yes, we all have to work to pay the bills, to keep business rolling and keep customers happy (and these days it seems everyone is working harder than ever for less, when you consider the rising cost of living).

And yes the chores at home need to be done, errands need to be run and routines need to be in place (particularly when there are little ones involved).

But there comes a point in life when you have to stop and realize that work is only a slice of life, it’s not the entire pie. Do your best to get the day’s tasks done but don’t work yourself to the bone. The laundry can wait and don’t worry about what your neighbours think if your yard is starting to look a little wild.

We all need to take a little more time to enjoy the pleasures in life. In particular, those who bring us pleasure – because you never know when their time could be up.

So when a sudden illness plagues a loved one, you would think that there would be support for the ones suffering and the caregivers. But there are so many cracks that people fall through and even more disturbing is that the pre-requisite for most assistance is seemingly a death sentence. No help until it’s too late.

It seems very backwards to me. Wouldn’t you want to have the time and resources to spend with a loved one while they can still enjoy it? And maybe, just maybe, the love and joy you spread unto them will give them the strength to fight a terrible illness – they say hope plays a large role in overcoming any challenge.

It’s also very sad that those who have owned their own business and who have become ill and are suddenly unable to work, have no assistance.

Now some might say there a lot of people out there on EI and using other benefit programs justifiably. But as we all know, there are also a number of people who are simply using, and abusing, the system while those who truly need it are denied.

It’s a sad state of affairs. I don’t have a grand solution as the EI system tries to effectively filter out those who don’t qualify. But it also seems those who need it most are unfortunately often turned down.

It’s not just income assistance, it’s all those costs that add up for someone who is ill. It’s not as if the rent, Hydro, gas, TV or internet bills pay themselves. The fridge doesn’t fill itself with groceries. There’s some assistance with Pharmacare for the endless medical costs, but the most necessary medications are often not covered. And when the wait to see the doctors is too long to bear (as they too are all swamped with work), one can seek alternative treatment, but there is usually no coverage for such costly choices.

Then there is the endless list of chores around the house that can’t be completed by someone who hardly has the energy to walk to the kitchen.

All of this only compounds the stress that an ill person already faces as they struggle with the mental burden of being sick in the first place.

There is also supposedly help for those caring for an ill relative. But it basically takes going bankrupt, losing your job and having a date of expected death before any of that can come into effect. Even then, by the time any assistance kicks in, it’s likely literally too late.

Scouring through the lists of eligibility requirements, there’s always some catch that knocks you out of the running, but all you can do is apply, apply again.

What you can find however, is there is often an immense wealth of support through friends, family, co-workers and even an employer. For that, one is tremendously blessed!