Fire hall staffing

Letter writer protests City of Vernon's handling of Okanagan Landing firefighters

I think that a small but important distinction should be noted regarding the Vernon Fire Rescue staffing problem.

Vernon Fire Rescue has been presented with this staffing problem by the city not renewing the contract with the Okanagan Landing Volunteer Firefighters Association.

Therefore, it follows that the staffing problem is not a result of any of the Landing firefighters resigning or retiring from their position.

It is a matter of the city assigning that hall to a different volunteer firefighting association.

The city’s fire rescue staffing plan is to hope that, after treating the Landing volunteers in a very shabby and disrespectful fashion, and after broadcasting suggestions that the Landing firefighters are, in some manner, inadequately trained, these same volunteers should overlook the city’s incompetence in the realm of human Relations and  join the Vernon volunteer firefighters anyway.

This is a problem of the city’s making that was entirely foreseeable and therefore preventable.

The city created a new fire rescue command structure to solve a fake problem.

John Stubbs