Firefighting situation has evolved

In regards to recent media on the topic of fire protection for the Landing residents.

In regards to recent media on the topic of fire protection for the Landing residents.

First of all, Landing residents pay for and therefore are entitled to equal best possible protection.

The population of the Landing has greatly increased in the 21 years that I have lived in the Landing.

Substantial numbers of new residences make up new neighbourhoods in Adventure Bay, Canadian Lakeview, Outback, The Rise, The Strand, Seasons, seniors residences, condominiums, townhouses, businesses etc. etc.

In my opinion the time has come for the Landing volunteer department to evolve, as all other volunteer departments have evolved before them, into a paid firehall.

Public recognition and appreciation for the volunteer service provided in the past has been expressed many, many times.

I do not believe that this issue should be debated based on emotion, sentimentality and loyalty for the volunteer department.

Should comparative research of fire protection and first response in other same-size communities indicate that a paid firehall is in the best interest of community fire and first response needs then let’s get on with it.

This is a decision our elected civic leaders, in co-operation with the fire and first response professionals, need to address immediately.

I believe we deserve and require a satellite paid firehall working as a “team” with the main firehall.

I thank all the firefighters involved in suppressing the recent grass fire at the Rise which threatened my home and family, job well done quickly and efficiently with excellent communication between ourselves and firefighters.

Susan Watt