Public works crews throughout the region are dealing with floods. (Morning Star file photo)

Public works crews throughout the region are dealing with floods. (Morning Star file photo)

Flood team deserves praise

Everyone involved in fighting high water has gone above and beyond

An editorial just ran the other day acknowledging the efforts of everyone responding to flooding in the North Okanagan, but it just doesn’t seem like enough.

Since last week, public works employees in every community from Lake Country to Enderby and from Lumby to North Westside have ensured there is a plentiful supply of sand and sandbags to hold back the rain and snowmelt. Along with them, there have been others along for the ride — administrators, emergency social services, communication officers and firefighters. And then there have been highways contractors, RCMP officers, Search and Rescue and provincial ministries.

Now there will be those who say that these individuals are doing their job and they are paid to lend a hand when residents are in need.

And while that is true, these public servants have simply gone beyond earning a paycheque. They have gone over and above what any job dictates, including spending countless hours away from their own families and homes, some of which have also been at risk from flooding.

They have also tried to reassure residents that they are a priority, and while some mistakes have possibly been made, it’s easy to be an armchair quarterback. Everyone involved in the response should hold their head up high, including the elected officials who have been involved every step of the way, from consulting and making decisions to filling sandbags.

The ongoing emergency has proven that we are in good hands.