Follow the rules of the road

There are times when I feel that I am living in a society that has very few laws in place when it comes to driving.

There are times when I feel that I am living in a society that has very few laws in place when it comes to driving.

Are there really that many people in Vernon and the Okanagan Valley that cannot read and, if they can read, do they not understand what they read?

The amount of blatant disregard for the laws of driving is amazing. Not stopping for pedestrians in a crosswalk, speeding, thinking that an amber light means speed up and get through this light before it turns red, speeding, following too closely, speeding, not signalling the intention to turn, speeding, driving after drinking, speeding, talking on a cell phone while driving, digging around in a purse or briefcase, speeding, putting on makeup, speeding.

Then there are the ever popular finger and hand gestures to others who choose to drive the speed limit and follow the laws of driving.

Have you ever considered what you are teaching your children? Young children learn by observing and copying their parents and other role models.

You may think they are not paying attention but they are. So what are you teaching your children?

When they get behind the wheel of a car, will they drive like they have observed you driving or will they be able to follow the laws that B.C. has in place for driving?  If they do follow the laws, will they be ridiculed or bullied?  Will you be shocked when they receive a speeding ticket and they do not realize the seriousness of breaking the law?  Will your children think of a ticket as a badge of honour instead of a punishment for breaking the law?  They may be totally confused about the concept of breaking the law.  They grew up seeing mom and dad break the law on a regular basis and do not understand why they are getting a ticket for the same behaviour.

The weather is getting quite wintry in the Okanagan Valley and the ones who choose to break the law by not driving according to the road conditions are going to be putting my life in danger.

Drivers need to learn to drive according to the road conditions but if no one does, who will be available to set a good example for the children.

I know that this little essay will not get others to drive responsibly but one can always hope that some of the parents out there will take a good look at their driving behaviours and end up being wonderful role models for our youth by driving sensibly and follow the laws of B.C.  If you do not agree with the law, there are ways to change it.


Susan Hays