Food for thought

Farmer explains the need for equipment to access local roads

I have worked in the farm equipment industry for many years and recently was pulled over by the RCMP. I was towing a rather wide piece of farm equipment down the highway.

I was told there were a number of complaints about me having to use two lanes if there was no shoulder to drive on.

I was totally legal in what I was doing, but the RCMP had to follow up on the complaints.

All this did was make me mad at the waste of my time more importantly the officer’s time. I am positive it could have been put to better use.

As most of you know, your food does not come from a grocery store, but merely sold from one.

The farmers are just doing what is necessary to produce their crop and it does require some road travel to harvest or bring in crops.

So next time you come up to a slow moving tractor or farm equipment on the road, instead of shaking your fists or worse, please wave and thank them as you pass by (they can read lips).

Brent Hornby



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