Food labels

Resident concerned about chicken being processed in China and then shipped back to North America

I have read recently where the U.S. Department of Agriculture has lifted the ban on chicken raised and processed for meat in China.

The impact of this decision will allow for chicken slaughtered in the U.S. to be shipped to China for processing and then returned to the U.S. for packaging.

The labelling will not show where the chicken is processed.

Consumers will not be aware of where the chicken was processed or that the chicken originated in the U.S.

Health and safety of these products will be questionable as the water in China used in processing plants will not meet the stringent guidelines as those in our country.

This does not guarantee the possible negative health impact to Canadian consumers as many U.S. and Canadian products make their way to our retailers.

After having become aware of this decision on the part of the U.S., I now read all labelling on cans, etc.

I am appalled at how many products that we know as U.S. or Canadian are processed in China and other developing countries that may or may not have stringent health requirements in the production of food.

It seems to be that the bottom line for companies take precedent over consumer health and safety, never mind the loss of jobs in our country and the U.S.

Buy Canadian but make sure it is produced and processed here.


Elinor Turrill