For the dogs

Dog parks, like BX trail, are for the dogs

Wrong in so many ways. Dogs are revered in most of the world as man’s best friend.

The BX trail allows dogs on a leash.  What amazes me is non-dog owners, and people who dislike dogs continue to use and complain about dog parks and dog trails.

We dog owners only have a few areas where we are allowed to go and we are constantly berated by people on bikes, even motor bikes, as well as people hiking through BX and resting in the creek.

While we encourage all to come to the dog park, it is a dog park.

If you don’t like dogs, go to one of the numerous other recreational areas where dogs are not allowed.

Responsible dog owners constantly monitor the few ignorant owners and try to pick up all the poop.

As well we have a yearly clean up.  We are as frustrated by those owners as you are, but we try to rectify instead of complaining.


Devon King, Vernon