For the love of dogs

Resident calls for dog owners to be responsible

As we all should become aware through the evolution of dog ownership, it is not the dog, but rather the handler that molds animal behaviour.

The City of Vernon and the Regional District of the North Okanagan have done an excellent job of providing parks where humans and their dogs can exercise ,but more importantly learn to socialize.

Thanks to trainers like Cesar Millan and his TV series The Dog Whisperer and local boots on the ground trainers like The Ruff Life, which hold a portion of its training exercises in various parks for the general public to observe and learn from, significant positive strides have been made concerning dog behaviour.

Such educational resources have become widespread over the last decade. However, this is not the type of issue that can be solved once and for all, but one that intertwines with every new generation of dog ownership.

The one constant running through this has been the necessary bylaws that have manifested and that are enforced by contractors.

We love our pets like family and interfering with them can create very elevated emotions just like when two or more dogs want the same bone.

When our beloved pets are alleged to have broken the rules, feathers become ruffled. A solution must be found and generally it favours the side of the bylaws.

Imagine if none of the people who drive had training or were unlicensed or the streets and avenues had no signage?

As we evolve as a society, so do our regulations.

All dogs must be licensed in the regional district. The cost is only $20 and ensures one’s rights of dog ownership.

I would think it obvious that one needs to have their charges licensed to use regional dog parks which are bought and paid for by taxpayers whom own a deed to a property etc., while the license fees help pay for the contractors.

Holding yourself in check is the first step towards showing your dog the respect it deserves and to demonstrate how to keep it in control.

Please, for the love of dogs, continue to upgrade yourself and others through the knowledge of obedience training and purchase a licence.

Gord Marrs