Foreign trade

Letter writer concerned about Canadian agreement with China

In his column in this newspaper, our MP for Okanagan-Shuswap suggests Canadians should not be concerned with his government’s pending foreign investment promotion and protection agreement with China.

We should not be concerned that the Chinese government is an unelected, totalitarian party with significantly divergent social and political values in complete contrast to the citizens of this country, with a history of abuse to human and democratic rights and the rule of law.

We should not be concerned that Colin Mayes’ government is willing to ratify such a lengthy and contentious agreement unilaterally without public debate or consulting with Parliament or the provinces with no other purpose than to assist people in China with no apparent benefit to Canadians here.

We should not be concerned that China’s state-owned enterprises have been involved in human rights scandals and serious environmental violations both outside of China as well as within their own borders, and yet, the Harper government is still willing to do business with them.

We should not be concerned with the fact that our government has paid and will pay hundreds of millions of dollars for trade agreements which allow foreign  corporations, including Chinese nationals, under this agreement to sue Canada and those disputes are overseen by tribunals independent of our Canadian court system.

Thank you Mr. Mayes for your sage advice.

For a moment there, I thought I should be concerned.

Frank Teaporten