Free flight

In the Great Depression (1929-1939) $10 was a lot of money. It was also the cost of a local 10-minute stunt airplane ride.

Bill Brown had dreams of one day having one of those rides. And on his 70th birthday he had squirreled away enough nickels and dimes to make this possible.

He approached the stunt pilot and asked for a flight ticket. The pilot knew this man well, knowing he was an incessant talker.

“Bill,” he said. “I’ll make you an offer. I’ll take you and your wife for the ride of your lives and if, when we land, you haven’t said one word, the flight is free.”

They agreed and away they went. The pilot pushed the plane to its limit, performing every stunt he knew. When they landed, he turned to the man and said: “I just can’t believe you never once said a word.”

Bill replied, “Well, it wasn’t easy. On one of your rolls I almost yelled when my wife fell out.”

Gordon Anderson, Vernon