Frustrated with the MLA

Resident challenges the MLA over his position on Stickle Road


he front page article in the June 19 Morning Star relating to Mr. Foster’s defence of the Stickle Road plan has led me to finally write.

The article states that MLA Eric Foster is frustrated that all six city councillors are opposed to the Ministry of Transportation’s solution to the Stickle Road traffic debacle.

It goes on to say that Mr. Foster represents Vernon-Monashee.

Let me add my nickel’s worth.

First, Mr. Foster may be frustrated with our city councillors, but the city councillors also represent the taxpaying public of Vernon, which if I’m not mistaken is part of Vernon-Monashee.

Mr. Foster’s frustration with what his constituents are opposed to is an indication that he is either unwilling to listen to those constituents and defend their position, or he actually represents the pundits of the Ministry of Transportation, not Vernon-Monashee.

I continually drive between Armstrong and Vernon.  I have followed the articles outlining the various ideas from both the ministry and the public.

I’m adding my comment that a traffic light at the Stickle Road intersection makes the most sense.

The argument that a traffic light on a highway can’t be done does not hold water.

Numerous examples have been cited of locations where traffic lights exist on a highway.

I’m sure there are sufficient maps available if Mr. Foster and the ministry wish to take a closer look.

I live in the 20th Street corridor.

If the ministry is determined to dictate what is good for the citizens of this area, and Mr. Foster continues to defend their position, then I know what to do come election time.

Brigitte Red