Fuel tax has broad impact

Resident from outside of Vernon concerned city decision will impact her

Here we go again with another brilliant idea from Vernon city council endorsing a call for the provincial fuel tax to be increased.

It’s another chance to tax we the people. The increase would be only one-tenth of a cent they say, as if this doesn’t mean a lot. This would only be the door opening to more increases down the road as these different councils think of more ways, or excuses, to apply funds that they haven’t budgeted for.

This tax doesn’t just affect the people who live in the City of Vernon.

Do you realize the amount of people living just outside of the city boundaries who access Vernon every day from Coldstream, Lumby, Armstrong, Parker Cove and surrounding areas? These people work and shop, plus attend entertainment events and do volunteer work, on a daily basis.

These people don’t have a say in any decisions made by Vernon city council but suffer the consequences of their decisions while spending their hard-earned dollars in Vernon.

As quoted by the mayor, “these funds will assist in funding for sidewalks and bicycle trails.” He believes an expanded pedestrian network would ease the city’s financial burdens by shifting traffic away from roads. He said this is logical because people burning gas are the ones who require us to maintain the roads.

It is hoped this isn’t the progressive thinking of  the city fathers of Vernon.

Perhaps we should revert back to the horse and buggy days of yesteryear and enjoy the cow trails of old again.

At least then we wouldn’t have to worry about added taxes to maintain the roads of Vernon due to poor budget decisions that affect all of us from near and far and spend our dollars in Vernon with no vote.


Rose Carson

North Westside