Garbage concerns

Resident wants others in the community to start picking up trash and stop littering

Residents, out-of-towners and tourists, quit littering Vernon with your garbage.

You people have no respect, value and love of what could be a beautiful city. Take your own garbage home with you all of the time.

What do you think Vernon is, a garbage dump? It is time everybody didn’t litter in Vernon anymore, whether you are an adult, a teen or a child. Look around Vernon for once and see how ugly you have made Vernon.

Grow up and start to make Vernon the beautiful city it once was. Have respect and value for Vernon. Be proud of your city. Do not litter anymore.

Get caught littering and you will be fined by the City of Vernon.

I have been to many clean cities around B.C. and they beat Vernon by a long shot. So from now on, no more littering.

David Gregoire