Get house in order

Letter writer wants City of Vernon to tighten the belt financially

It must be a new year, why you say?

Well land assessments went up again, property taxes are going up, and water rates are climbing by two per cent.

The firefighters union is up for a new contract after it got 2.5 per cent over three years. How much will it get on this contract?

So let’s do like many other cities are now doing and take back benefits or money to bring them in line with what the private sector pays. This goes for all of the public unions.

Before any union members get up in arms, I was once on a negotiating team in the mining industry and was a member of a volunteer fire department, so I have some insight into what goes on and what people do.

Many of the non-profit groups are lining up with their hands out for our hard-earned money to build something or for more assistance.

I think it is time that this council and the ones in the near future take a long look at what they are asking us the taxpaying public to take on.

Why am I asking this again? Well take a look at the past years and try and find one where the tax rate was held or even lowered and you will not find one.

So I say, are we getting value for our money as this city is an aging city and many of the seniors, lower-income and single-member family will not be getting a big raise, let alone any raise.

We must start to get our city finances in order so the next generations are not strapped with a massive tax burden and many people have to sell their homes just to make ends meet.

Garry Haas