Getting started on the right foot

EDITORIAL: The changing of the calendar on the wall brings the promise of a new beginning

The changing of the calendar on the wall brings the promise of a new beginning.

Of course the baggage of the previous 12 months is carried over into January but there’s still the feeling of a fresh start, even if it’s largely in our own minds.

And it’s important to kid ourselves a little as the feel-good atmosphere of the holiday season fades, especially when facing the long, cold stretch that is known as the current month in these parts.

Procrastination and just sheer laziness are tempting as we head out on our way into the unknown that is 2015 but it’s important to take advantage of the opportunity that a blank page represents in our lives.

We may be 25, 45 or 65 but a new year, heck even a new day, always provides the opportunity to make positive changes  in our lives that benefit not only us but our families, friends and communities as well.

Hopefully we soaked up enough goodwill  over the holidays that it carries far into the new year and we become a little bit closer to that person we want to be or at  least feel we should be attempting to be.

Of course there will be bumps along the road to our goals, but as they say it’s not so much what happens to us in life as how we respond to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or something to that effect.

Resolutions are good but often ineffective, it’s likely you’ve broken a few already and it’s only Jan. 4. Making realistic and manageable changes in our daily lives towards long-term goals, that may or may not include resolutions, is likely a better way to achieve a happier and more satisfying 2015 for the majority of us.