Give Cenotaph Park a chance

I’d like to respond to the letter on May 16, opposing the move of the bus exchange back to Cenotaph Park. My initial reaction to the change was similar but further investigation turned up other facts.

Firstly, hats off to the courts for designating Cenotaph Park as a “no go zone” for those convicted of drug offences and secondly, kudos to city hall, social planning, and other local service agencies for providing support to the needy and homeless. This has changed the character of the park.

In recognition of those to whom the Cenotaph is dedicated, we should be making far more use of this jewel in the centre of our city.

I recommend that everyone take the time to actually go to the park and have a look, maybe buy a picnic lunch from one of the nearby merchants and spend some time there.

The new pathway from city hall passes through the Spirit Plaza, past the museum and the “old” library across the street and into the park.

Let’s use our imaginations and make this central spot the best it can be. With the bus exchange there it will be the central point of our region and needs to be developed to reflect our pride in our community.

The Vernon Public Art Gallery will be holding its 25th annual fundraiser “Midsummer’s Eve of the Arts” in Cenotaph Park this July 20 to support the progress that is being made to improve this area and to highlight the fact that the community needs a new art gallery somewhere within this area. Sveva will be watching over the event from the new mural.

Let’s imagine a central bus exchange that is integrated into the cultural core of the community, where you can pop into the gallery or museum to stay warm in the winter if you need to wait.

You can have a picnic in the park while you wait for your bus in the summer, maybe hear some live music. As the area grows and more buses are added it can become the hub of community activity.

Let’s not abandon Cenotaph Park because of its less than perfect past, let’s enhance it and enjoy it.

Marion Morrison

President, Vernon Public Art Gallery