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Resident is demanding that the public speak up over Stickle Road

After reading the numerous letters regarding the intersection of Stickle Road and Highway 97, and the pros and cons of a light at this intersection, I am wondering if there are any petitions being presented or drawn up for the public to sign.

Instead of writing letters to the editor of the local paper, perhaps getting petitions going and directing them to Todd Stone, transportation minister, would produce more results.

I’m sure he and his cohorts are sitting in their offices far from here and aren’t even aware of how we that live here really feel.

As for our MLA, Eric Foster, and our mayor, Akbal Mund, they are, I’m sure, more than aware of how the majority feel about the cost differences and logistics of putting a light at this dangerous intersection but have chosen to not go to bat for what the people who use this area on a daily basis want.

To destroy the wetland area on 20th Street and depreciate the value of landowners’ homes makes me question the motivation or thinking of these officials.

The simple solution is for all of those who use this point of destination to speak very loud and very clear on a continual basis to Stone and all of the media until the right decision is made to satisfy all of the people who past through this dangerous intersection on a daily basis.

That old expression, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” comes to mind and those who want the decision overturned need to reach higher and louder than the local paper or our local officials — Foster and Mund.

These officials can be approached or thought of when it’s time to vote depending on the outcome of the controversy of this dangerous intersection.

If people aren’t loud and clear and don’t let Stone and his colleagues know how they really feel about the destruction of the bird habitat and depreciation of their housing, and have the present decision overturned, there will be more carnage at this dangerous intersection.

People, you have to do this now before the bulldozers start moving in. Then it’s too late.

Rose Carson