Going beyond

O'Keefe Ranch delivers an enjoyable, educational and thoughtful experience

Two of my friends took me to O’Keefe Ranch for the brunch as it was my birthday. We were so impressed by the wonderful selections of food and the yummy desserts.

Hats off to the chef.

We then had the guided tour of the house which had a gorgeous piece of furniture which played a very large disc of music.

I then purchased a cassette (yes, I can still play cassettes) of the said music at the old store.

We then ventured on our own to explore the old buildings (church etc.)

There is so much history there that I did not know about.

Upon returning home, I discovered that I had lost my cassette.

I  phoned the ranch and they could not find it but offered to deliver one free of charge.

What a thoughtful gesture. Happy birthday to me.


Thomasina Douglas, Vernon