Going in circles

Well done — business owners and others who rallied against the proposed changes to 43rd Avenue

Well done — business owners and others who rallied against the proposed changes to 43rd Avenue. That is a busy road all the time and taking away two lanes and creating that suicide left turn lane is asking for traffic tie ups. It would be a waste of taxpayer dollars.

I for one, and I know of others, am tired of the wasteful use of our tax dollars to supposedly improve our road conditions. The length of time it is taking to do these projects is also a waste, especially to residents and businesses which are affected.

There was no need for a traffic circle  on 32nd Avenue and PV Road but we got one anyway. A very definite need was for lights at 20th Street and 43rd Avenue. Which we didn’t get. If any further traffic circles are planned, be sure the roads are wide enough to accommodate them.

The safety of children attending Harwood School seemed to be a concern and rightly so. However, no lights at 43rd Avenue and 20th Street didn’t guarantee their safety and neither did narrowing 20th Street. If slowing traffic on 20th Street was the goal, wouldn’t a few speed bumps have accomplished that goal at a fraction of the cost of what we got?

The lack of parking on 20th Street for the residents and for the BMX racers at Ranger Park is criminal. We encourage youth to be active and productive yet we take away an important convenience for these children’s supporters.

I drive a small car and have to slow to a crawl to navigate that ridiculous triangle at 25th Street and 30th Avenue. The fire department and ambulance service must love that intersection. More wasted dollars and less safety for the area residents.

Another disaster is the entrance onto 27th Street from 25th Avenue. The weeds and snow along the bank on 27th street are often so high I can’t see traffic coming up the hill on 27th Street. The old merge lane was so much safer. Again, wasted dollars.

Allenby Way seems very narrow. Will two trucks or emergency service vehicles be able to pass each other?

Council needs to look at who is working in the traffic department and be very cautious about agreeing to their proposals. Council also needs to talk to residents and businesses before, during, and after these projects and learn from the comments made.

Margaret Heater