Government actions

Retired teacher questions the provincial government's decisions

As a retired teacher, I imagine myself torn between covering the eyes of my students or teaching a lesson on the rule of law as we watch Christy Clark and Peter Fassbender act like corporate CEO’s.

Rather than behaving as elected officials, respecting the latest ruling by the Supreme Court of B.C., they are busy trying to figure out ways to avoid their constitutional obligations.

How would we want our young people to act in a similar situation, having twice been told that they have broken the laws and constitution of the this province?

Would we want them to recognize that the laws and constitution apply of everyone, accept responsibility for their actions and fix what they have broken; or would we want them to claim the courts can’t tell them what to do, they need more power and they don’t have enough money to fix their mistakes?

On second thought, maybe it is Ms. Clark and Mr. Fassbender who should be in my social studies class.


Bill Darnell