Government ads

Do you remember seeing all of those government of B.C. ads that were airing on TV, in the newspapers and who knows where else just before the election officially began in our province?

Are you curious to know who pays for those ads?

Surprise. It was you and it was me, the taxpayers.

I don’t mind the government running ads to inform constituents about government programs but that’s not what these ads were about. They were basically ads touting how great the Liberal government was and about all of the things it was supposedly doing for the people of B.C.

In other words, they were partisan political ads paid for by you and me.

You’d think they’d have enough of their own money with their $1,500 a plate dinners.

A question for Mr. Foster: How much money did your government spend on these ads this year? In the last election, the figure was between $16 and $18 million. I would estimate the amount this year to be between $20 and $25 million considering the volume of the ads.

I would think this money would have been much better spent on helping the homeless and people with mental health issues in our province.

Dave Buyar