Government listens

Governments around the world, for the moment at least, appear to be listening to their people. They may not necessarily do anything more then listen, but at least there is some evidence that the lights are on. We deserve the government we get if we remain complacent. I recently wrote this e-mail to the Premier’s Office of B.C. With the Liberal’s selecting a new leader I was interested to see what kind of response I would get. Imagine what could be possible if we all wrote to our MLAs.

HST: An Open Letter to the Premier’s Office

The concept of consolidating a sales tax makes sense if it reduces the cost of government administration. This tax could have been easily sold to the people of B.C. if it had just been a consolidated tax. I believe the underlying rage most people have with this tax is due to the addition of “PST” to things like services.

Take the bull by the horns. Forget holding a costly referendum, leave the HST in place as a consolidated tax, but, remove all services and any other instances where PST didn’t previously exist from this HST.

This was the response from the Premier’s Office:

Thank you for your e-mail related to the HST. We have noted your wish to see all items removed from the HST that did not previously exist under PST. You have also recommended that the referendum not be held.

Thanks again for taking the time to write.

We appreciate that you have let us know your thoughts on this matter.

T. Rudersdorfer