Grace period

Letter writer questions the issuance of parking meter tickets in Vernon

A few weeks ago, I was written a parking ticket in downtown Vernon.

It’s not my first, but this time I chose to dispute it and it was overturned.

The meter had started flashing 0:00 before my time was up and according to the time written on the parking ticket, the traffic bylaw officer had started filling the ticket out before the meter expired.

I recently walked past the same stretch of parking to witness a bylaw officer writing another ticket with the meter flashing 0:00.

I was under the impression from watching our mayor on TV that there was a five-minute grace period for parking meters — that the meter was not ticket-able until it flashed red/expired.

If this is the case, our bylaw officers are a bit overenthusiastic.

If this is the case, I wonder how many other people are being ticketed who shouldn’t be.

Darlene Martens