Grad leads to grateful reflection

Parent thanks all of those involved in the education system for their efforts

My daughter graduated last week from W.L. Seaton. The other day, I drove past her elementary school (Beairsto) and began thinking back on all the years of classrooms, and events, and mostly the people that have come into her life through our educational system. From teachers to administrators, counsellors to custodians, monitors to bus drivers and more.

It struck me just how much an impact these people have had, cumulatively, on her (and us) over these many years. As they say, it takes a community to raise a child, and my letter today just wants to say a big thank you to that educational community as a whole, and specifically to those she encountered.

In this current political landscape of educational cutbacks and strikes and lockouts, great social divide occurs in towns like ours. For clarity, and to add impact to my message, you should know that, on a macro-level, I share no political or economic ideology with the teachers’ union. While many of my close friends are teachers and are administrators, they will corroborate the fact that I am an opinionated, died-in-the wool, right-wing, free enterprise businessman, whose world of money management/financial planning leaves little room to support their union demands and protectionism. Not that government has done a great job on this issue either, with less-than stellar decision-making and tactics over the years. I just see a system that needs fixing, and quickly (note: I am not holding my breath).

But my daughter was sheltered, mostly, from all of that, and she just got the micro: the people.  And almost without exception, those people were awesome. We encountered helpful, dedicated, and caring individuals. So as Kristen gets ready for her next chosen step on her educational path at UBCO, I just want to say a heartfelt thank you for helping my wife and I raise and educate our daughter and prepare her for whatever she wants to tackle in this world. There have been numerous unique and special connections with many of you over the years, and rather than name you (and raise the possibility of accidental exclusion) I will simply say, you know who you are, and we are/she is forever indebted and grateful. Your care and actions and efforts are impactful and truly appreciated.

Enjoy your summer.

Paul Morgan