Gravel pit

As one of the residents  referred to in the recent article, I would like to reply to the ongoing issue regarding the Rosebush gravel pit and Coldstream Ranch.

It is true that the ranch is part of our history. However, that is not the only reason we as residents live in Coldstream.

Coldstream is a beautiful place to live, with rural living being a big draw to the area. However, parts of the ranch are dug up so much that it is an ongoing, not only unsightly commercial mess, but also, a commercial venture that brings with it, noise and dust that goes from pre-dawn to after dark most days.

If this was not an apparent viable commercial venture because of the gravel deposits in this rural area, would the ranch still be digging up agriculture land?

This is supposed to be an agriculture area, yet this gravel pit is being allowed to operate in spite of ALR orders /guidelines issued to the contrary. We keep asking why those  in authority  with the power to enforce the ongoing infractions apparently keep turning a blind eye?

In Coldstream, the motto is Rural Living at its Best.

Nulli secundus — Second to none — is on the Coldstream logo.

Think about it the next time you are standing in a ballot box.


A. Ramsey