Great idea

Artist supports a program with the Armstrong-Spallumcheen Arts Council Society

The Armstrong-Spallumcheen Arts Council Society (SPARC) has come up with a new fundraising concept for its art auction that supports two worthy causes at the same time.

Whereas most fundraising groups ask artists to donate their art work outright with no return to the artist, SPARC has put forth a new structure. This structure is a win-win scenario where all parties benefit. What a great solution.

SPARC recently asked me to donate a painting for its July 6 fundraiser.  Surprisingly, I was also offered a stipend to cover my material costs of paint and canvas plus a percentage of the auction price.

The other percentage from the auction goes to SPARC.

I was very impressed with this brilliant concept and feel it is a great way to raise funds through art.  Artists are often in the lower-income bracket. This kind of structure not only helps the worthy cause but also helps artists, another worthy cause. Supporting artists enriches culture which supports communities.

Giving altruistically really means giving at your own expense. “To help, serve or benefit others, if necessary, at the sacrifice of self-interest,” says Wikipedia.

Many times artists are told that donating to the cause will bring us new customers, but this is seldom the case.

Often the auctioned art work is sold at a lower price, further devaluing the art work in the process.  Furthermore, the rules regarding tax deductible receipts have changed so that artists do not benefit tax wise either. Because of this, many artists are becoming more and more reluctant to donate their work outright, no matter how worthy the cause.

SPARC’s new fundraising structure allows artists to continue to donate and support their community and the same time, what a wonderful way for the community to support their artists.

I highly recommend other worthy causes to take up this new brilliant win-win fundraising structure for their future art auctions.

Thanks SPARC for sparking a new fundraising paradigm.


Roxi Sim Hermsen