Great job

The fabulous article you wrote about the start up of Results Vernon had an enormous impact

Thank you to The Morning Star.

The fabulous article you wrote about the start up of Results Vernon had an enormous impact on the successful start of our group. Fully half of the people who attended, indicated that they did as a result of your article. The article was posted and reposted far and wide.

I received comments from all over Canada and even from MPs on our MP delegation in Senegal, Africa. To me, this confirms the power of the local newspaper in these times of the growth of the Internet. I am proud to announce Results Vernon’s first major victory. Our first action was to write support of the Global Fund for TB, Malaria and AIDS.

Recently, International Development Minister Christian Paradis announced that Canada would give $650 million to the fund.

The Morning Star should be congratulated as a significant part of this victory.

Leo Young,

Results Vernon




sustainable balance

Wolves are indeed magnificent animals and I don’t know of anyone who would want to take part in unnecessary killing.

Unfortunately, the wolf population in some areas has resulted in the decimation of ungulates to the extent that control measures are necessary.

Ms. Kuzyk suggests relocating wolves, but this is rarely successful. Wolves that were trapped in Canada and relocated in Idaho have apparently virtually wiped out the elk herds so that wolves are now migrating north back to Canada in search of game.  Wolves have recently killed elk near Lumby, and have been observed close to Enderby.

I have spent many years in wilderness areas and can assure Ms. Kuzyk that wolves are extremely clever and secretive animals, and by checking with conservation officers or the fish and game branch you will find that very few wolves will be killed by hunters.


I look forward to sitting by a campfire and listening to the howling of wolves, and that caribou, moose, elk, and deer are prospering, knowing that proper management techniques will ensure a sustainable balance of all wildlife.