Great students

Students with developmental disabilities make a difference at VSS

As a teacher at Vernon Secondary School, I was proud to read the article “VSS collects Encorp honour,” applauding the school’s recycling of beverage containers.

One element the story missed was explaining how the thousands of containers collected make it from the collection bins to the recycling depot.

This job is performed by the hard-working students of the Resource Room, a program at VSS for students with developmental disabilities.

The students, along with their equally hard-working certified educational assistants, faithfully collect, sort, and bag the beverage boxes and bottles.  They also regularly clean the collection bins.  It is messy work but they are determined to do the job and do it well.  Without them, the recycling program simply wouldn’t function.

I’m proud to be associated with these fine young people who take such pride in their work and make a fine contribution to the environment of our school and our natural world.  Way to go.

Dvoira Yanovsky