Growing opposition

Letter writer concerned about trade agreement between China and Canada

In October 2012, Stephen Harper signed a treaty with China which allows China unprecedented access to and control of Canada’s resources.

The Harper government has not allowed any information or debates about this agreement so that our MPs and Canadians can understand the consequences to taxpayers.

This treaty will lock Canadians in for 31 years and grants secret tribunals the power to make financial judgements against Canadian taxpayers if China is unhappy about anything it deems is counter to its aims.

These tribunals have the power to grant China the right to sue any level of government, from federal and provincial down to municipal and First Nations.

Taxpayers at any level can be on the hook for secret judgements that won’t be revealed until the bill is presented, which could be in the billions of dollars.

Taxpayers in Canada and other countries have already been the recipients of some of these disastrous judgements under NAFTA. The former assistant director of security for CSIS, Canada’s spy agency, called this treaty a threat to Canada’s sovereignty and warns about foreign interference in our strategic industries.

Thankfully, the Canada/China investment treaty has not been ratified by the members of Parliament because of growing opposition on many fronts.

Therefore, I urge all citizens concerned about assaults on our democracy and Canadian sovereignty to contact their member of Parliament and urge him to not ratify this treaty, and instead, call for an open debate in the House of Commons, allowing taxpayers to be informed about the consequences of the Canada/China investment treaty.

Colin Mayes is the member of Parliament for Okanagan-Shuswap. Here is his contact information: 250-260-5020 in Vernon and 613-992-9095 in Ottawa.

Vickie West