Hammock gone

Resident concerned about a theft from her yard, and she wants the item returned

On a recent Tuesday morning I walked out to my front yard and thought…”Hey, what’s different?”

I walked back in the house and asked my husband, “Did you take the hammock in because of the rain?”

He looked at me, wondering what I was talking about, and said, “No”

Hmmmmmmm……really someone took our hammock?

What sort of person thinks to walk around my fence or step over my fence and throw my cushion and towel off, unclip and walk off with my hammock?

I’ll admit, I don’t get to use it very often. Life is busy with work and other life things, but honestly when the time comes when I get to enjoy my hammock, there is nothing I enjoy more than looking up at the leaves in my trees. And even when I don’t have time, when I walk by my front yard, it reminds me to take time. To take a moment. Now all I see are two ropes with hooks at the end hanging from my tree and a huge gaping void.

I invite the person who took my hammock to simply return it.  If you care to lay in it, feel free.  I kind of have to admit – it would make me smile to see someone enjoy it in my yard, then we all benefit. But right now I feel sad, and disappointed.

Mel Spooner