Happy anniversary

Resident welcomes the arrival of The Morning Star to his home

Each morning we get up, make a cup of coffee and read The Morning Star. We only read half and save the other half for the next day. Tuesday is Hump Day so we read The Daily.

We don’t read any other newspapers because there’s too much negative things happening out in the world. It’s nice to hear about what’s happening around here with faces we can recognize and know. Just to plan our day or week mostly comes from The Star.

We are reading the anniversary edition, which got us to thinking of what we did in the last 25 years ourselves.

We are still arguing over who can tell the next story. It came to a point where we had to take a time out.

As your story goes, ours is much the same, with the hard times and challenges, ups and downs, all having a feeling of satisfaction, with the need to keep doing it. We like to know how things work and what it takes to put all the pieces together and come out with a paper each day.

We are glad to hear you got a machine to put the flyers in the paper. Those two guys needed a break.

Also, having employees staying with you for so long, tells us they are not just there for the pay. Especially, Mr. Gameren and Mrs. Hoath and son, who are your front line, the faces your readers see every day.

My time out is over, but one last thing. We hope the VSS grads will be reading today’s edition, and if their futures are somewhere else other than Vernon, maybe their parents could send them a copy once in a while to keep them from getting homesick.


Tim Presslaber