Hard to find

Visitor upset that they could not find the information centre

My wife and I are travelling from Nova Scotia on a long tour of the U.S. and Canada.

We arrived in Vernon recently and could not find your tourism office.

We came in from the north. The sign pointed to turn left and in 400 metres we would come to the office.

Then nothing. We circled the block around city hall and the police station but could not see your bloody tourism office.

We tow a trailer and need space to park. We could see nothing that would indicate the existence of a tourism office.

Frustrated, we left town.

You lost a tourist and I am angry about it.

We have travelled 12,000 kilometres on our trip and have found tourism offices in numerous cities without having to look for them.

You are doing your town a disservice by not having a readily accessible tourism office.


Tony Scott,

Aylesford, N.S.