Harper’s world

Prime Minister Stephen Harper challenged over his economic policies

Prime Minister Harper sermonizes about the economy with the same fervour once employed by pagan priests to exalt their religious idols. According to Harper, the economy, i.e. the global production and consumption of goods and services, is the ultimate, all-knowing, all-powerful, self-regulating, beneficent deity.

Harper wants Canadians to worship the economy on bended-knees while keeping our shoulders to the wheel and our noses pressed against the grindstone.

Based on Harper’s behaviour, he must believe Canadians are either too timid or too dim-witted to participate in the hurly-burly of a real democracy where government programs and policies are openly discussed and debated with the sole purpose of improving legislation through collaboration and consensus

In Harper’s world, constructive criticism does not filter up the ladder. In Harper’s world, Conservative decrees cascade down the ladder.

In Harper’s world, spontaneous outbursts of jubilation are not encouraged unless of course his federal government is publicly crucifying one of those so-called foreign-funded, radical environmental terrorists.

In Harper’s world, Canadians are expected to disregard science-based studies on global warming and keep busy exporting natural resources as fast as humanly possible.

And if we don’t submissively participate in Harper’s world, he just might contract out our jobs to China.

Lloyd Atkins