Health care at risk

Resident concerned about the federal government's role in health care

March 31 is the day the 2004 health accord expires.

Do the people of this country really know what that means?

If you don’t, now is the time to get involved and get educated if you care about the future of public health care in this country.

The Conservative government is linking health transfers to economic growth and cutting health care spending by $36 billion over 10 years.

What does that mean for B.C.? That means in the first year alone, there will be $255 million less in federal health transfers coming to B.C. These cuts will grow to $5 billion in B.C. over the next decade unless Canadians start waking up and stand up for the public health care.

We need to ask the federal government to protect our public health care system, don’t privatize it. Pay a fair share of provincial health care costs and ensure Canada does not go down the same road as the U.S.

The feds need to invest in public home care and community care for our seniors and establish a universal pharmacare program to cover prescription drugs.

If you think the wait times are long now when you need medical procedures, I believe the time will increase significantly if this happens.

Please e-mail your local MP and tell them this is wrong.

Also, please go to and read what the Harper government is doing to our precious public health care system.

I, for one, am terrified of the outcome if this trend continues


Nikki Inouye