Health centre

Interior Health explains the parking situation at the Vernon health centre

I would like to respond to the concerns raised by Liz Rezanson in a letter to the editor Oct. 9 in The Morning Star.

The letter addressed accessibility (handicap parking) spots at the Vernon Health Centre.

I would like to provide some additional information for Ms. Rezanson, our clients, and your readers in the hopes of alleviating any concerns.

In her letter, Ms. Rezanson noted that disabled parking stalls at the facility were also available for parent and child parking.

We understand that signage may have made it seem that accessibility spots were open to parents and children, but that was not the intent.

Interior Health became aware that the new signage was causing confusion about the appropriate use of the designated stalls and acted immediately to have the signs above those parking spots replaced. The signs now clearly reflect that those stalls are exclusively for the use of those people who possess a disability parking permit.

Interior Health is committed to providing accessible facilities for all of our clients including providing adequate designated accessible parking stalls, and regrets the confusion created by the signs.

Yvonne Taylor,

Hospitals and Communities Integrated Services Community Administrator,

North Okanagan Interior Health