Health woes

Writer thinks provincial health minister should be accountable for Interior Health initiatives....

With respect, Honourable Michael de Jong, do you not have the capacity to cause the Interior Health Authority to be accountable for the Inferior Health Initiatives they continue to put forth?

Here we go again with overcrowding causing overtime, on top of overtime leading to burnout, which in turn causes shortages of registered nurses. Then, of course, over-budget overtime causes inability to hire more, etc., etc., which, of course, brings us back to closing beds where equipment has been funded by the community.

This causes more overcrowding due to mismanagement and they see nothing wrong with this? Is this what you would call good management for the people of this community? We have an MLA in the Shuswap who still claims to indeterminate thought processes along with inexperience after having experience for years and even says this after being the minister of health for a time. How many years does it take to become experienced with proper thought processes? Familiarity with humanity should be something we grow with, should it not?

Overcrowding Code Purple issues still reign. We require safe care now and that includes the acute care beds and the staffing as well as the proper space. Perhaps the Interior Health Authority is actually a detriment to the communities it serves. Inferior Health is not what we require.

Please have them get with the agenda or get out. This tremendous amount of money going to pay for the useless accountability of the initiatives and thought processes of the ones making these decisions is more than wasted. By removing the same, as well as their expenses, and the same with the inefficient MLA, perhaps the funding would be available for you to make the proper decisions as we require them. Finishing, furnishing, and then funding the top two acute care floors of the VJH Polson Tower for today and tomorrow is the proper solution.

Linda Myers